A world-renowned master of his art

Marco Augusto Dueñas is a world-renowned marble sculptor recognized for his unique artistic versatility to create iconic and timeless works of art.

Dueñas is the only living sculptor to have his works stand alongside those of Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica church, and he is the youngest artist ever to create two pieces, in this case, monumental marble statues.

Working in many different mediums including bronze, wood, and the world-famous Carrara marble, Dueñas sculpts pieces that are both sympathetic to the history of his craft yet also speak to the contemporary mind. His commissioned works reside in both public and private collections all over the world, from aspiring collectors, Cathedrals and Monarchies- in the USA, Lebanon, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, UK and many more European countries.

A Spaniard from Cordoba, Marco Augusto lives in Tuscany, Italy, with his wife, Kate and their son. They reside in Pietrasanta, “The City of Arts”.

Chronology of works

2018-2020, Lebanon
  • Statue in white Carrara marble of Virgen with Child, 2,20m
    Saint Nimatullah Church.
  • Statue in Carrara marble of Saint Joseph and Jesus, 2,20m
    Saint Nimatullah Church.
  • Crucified Jesus, in white Carrara marble, 2,25m
    Saint Nimatullah Church.
2019-2020, The Vatican

Relief of Saint John Paul II in white Carrara marble, 80cm diameter.
2020, Segovia (Spain)

Statue in white Carrara marble of Virgen Mary, 1,20m
Avelino Vegas Wineries.
2020, Pietrasanta (Italy)

Creation of new collection “Il Giro”
2018-2020, Portugal

4 Evangelists, 3m high in white Carrara marble.
Sanctuary of Cristo Rey.
2018, Portugal

Relief of Sacred heart of Jesus, 3m high in white Carrara marble.
Sanctuary of Christ King.
2018, Miami (USA)

Statue in cedar wood, polychromed with 24 carat gold of Saint Joseph and Child, 2,20m
Good Shepherd Church
2017, Portugal
  • Virgen de la Cinta, 3m high in white Carrara marble.
    Cathedral of Tortosa, Tarragona.
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1.5m high in bronze.
    Sanctuary Christ King
2016, Córdoba (Spain)

La Lectora
The Reader a statue dedicated to female readers, 1.60m high in bronze.
2015, Córdoba (Spain)
Claudio Marcelo
Founder of the city of Córdoba, 3m high in Carrara marble.
2015, Italy, United States and Lebanon
Reliquaries in cedar wood and polychromed in 24 carat gold:
  • 1,20m for the Cathedral of Foligno, Italy
  • 1m for the Maronite Patriarchy in Bkerke, Lebanon
  • 1m for the Maronite Patriarchy in Rome, Italy.
    Many also sent to Los Angeles, New York, Texas and Washington.
2015, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Bust of the His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain, 90cm in bronze.
Mallorca town hall.
2014, Madrid (Spain)
Cathedral of La Almudena
Three reliefs in White Carrara marble, situated on Bailen street above the main entrances to the Cathedral. One represents a group of angels with the Marian shield and the other two with the Papal shield.
2013 - 2012, Madrid (Spain)

Cathedral of La Almudena
Two 4m high, white Carrara marble angels, each one situated on either side of the doors of La Puerta Real.
2013, Miami (USA)
Statue in cedar wood, polychromed with 24 carat gold of Christ Crucified, 3m.
Good Shepherd Church Statue in cedar wood, polychromed with 24 carat gold of Virgen of Life, 2m.
Good Shepherd Church
2011, The Vatican

St. Maron, 6m high in one block of white Carrara marble.
Basilica of St. Peter’s, Vatican.
2011 - 2010, Madrid (Spain)

Cathedral of La Almudena
  • 4 reliefs in white Carrara marble opposite the Royal Palace
  • Two statues in white Carrara marble representing St Gabriel and St Michael, 3m high and a collection of architectural ornaments for the exterior of the Cathedral
2010, The Vatican

St. Raphaela Maria of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 6m high in white Carrara marble.
Basilica of St. Peter’s, Vatican.
2010 - 2008, Córdoba (Spain)

Three statues in white Carrara marble, 2m high:
Crucified Jesus, Immaculate Virgin, and a replica of Saint Raphaela as in the Vatican
2008, Córdoba (Spain)
Saint Raphael relief in aluminum, 3m high.
Alzheimer Association of Córdoba.   Sculpture of Sacred Heart of Jesus in bronze, 1,5m
2007 - 2003, Córdoba (Spain)
  • Creating and sculpting more than 50 statues, 3.5m high in white Carrara marble to promote Córdoba for the European Cultural City 2016.
  • St. Eloy, in white Carrara marble, 3m high.
    Parque Joyero Córdoba, Spain.
2006, Málaga (Spain)
A Maternity in bronze, 4m high.
Xanit Hospital in Benalmádena, Spain.
2006, Córdoba (Spain)
“La Pieta”, a reproduction of the original statue of Michelangelo Buonarroti, original size in white Carrara marble. This statue was used to recreate the author’s life for a miniseries by the BBC.
Córdoba Seminary.
2003 -2002, Seville (Spain)

A sculptural group of statues of Hercules, 4m high in granite.
2001, Málaga (Spain)

A monumental statue dedicated to tourism, 3m high in bronze.
Torremolinos, Spain.
1999, Córdoba (Spain)
Bronze bust of Miguel Castillejo Gorraiz.   Relief of the Sacred Family, 8m high in bronze.
1998, Málaga (Spain)

Collection of 14 statues dedicated to Neptune and his allegories, marble of Macael.
Benalmaádena, Spain.
1997, Córdoba (Spain)
A bronze bust of Sara Montiel, as a tribute to her career. A stone relief representing the city of Cordoba for a private collector.
1996, Córdoba (Spain)
A relief of “Las Meninas”, 1.90m wide by 2.60m high in marble for a private collector. Heraldic shields in marble for the Espartaco Rato family.
Cordoba, Spain.
1995, Córdoba (Spain)

Wooden life size allegorical figures, of the Paso de la Borriquita and the Reina de los Ángeles.
1994, Córdoba (Spain)

An allegorical monument of Abderraman II and Azahara, 3m high in marble.
Garden of hotel Al-Mirraz, Córdoba, Spain.
1993, Córdoba (Spain)

Virgen Mariá Auxiliadora, 2.2m high in polychromed wood
Cordoba, Spain.
1992, Madrid (Spain)

Bronze of bust of His Majesty Juan de Borbón king of Spain.
Royal Palace, Madrid, Spain.
1992, Cordoba (Spain)

Bronze busts of the illustrious of the city of Cordoba: Mayor Emilio Trigo, Juan Milan Alvarez, and many more.
1992 - 1989 Córdoba (Spain)

Jewelry designer
1989, Cádiz (Spain)

Bronze bust a monument of Juan Sanchez Rosa.
Grazalema, Spain.
1989 - 1991, Córdoba (Spain)

Restoration of the wooden altar of the Church de la Merced.
Córdoba, Spain.

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